After missing the Mobile, 4 AI scenarios help Microsoft win the world again (3)

Abs: As the peak of the world’s technology companies, whether it will continue to seize the top spot in the world by AI strategy has always been a topic of great concern to the industry. In past 20 years, the only company that ranked the top ten in the market value of the world’s enterprises, Microsoft, let us analyze its strategic layout in artificial intelligence.

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Billions of dollars investment enhance AI layout

Like all the giants, in order to strengthen the strategic layout, it is also inseparable from the strategy of “buy, buy and buy”.

Through our analysis, we found that the acquisition of companies related to cloud, big data and artificial intelligence in recent years is something Microsoft has been doing, especially in the second half of this year, this speed is obviously accelerating.

The data shows that in the 2019 fiscal year ending June 30, the company spent a total of $9.1 billion on 20 acquisitions.

Since the beginning of this year, Microsoft has invested in 12 artificial intelligence companies. In July alone, Microsoft acquired five companies related to the entire AI full-stack layout.

JanuaryOpen-source software – Citus Data
FebruaryData Management – DataSence
MayIoT – Express Logic
JuneGithub tool – Pull Panda
JuneAPI – RapidAPI
JulyAI – Agolo
JulyAI education tech. – Kano
JulyAI research – OpenAI
JulyAI – Bonsai
JulyData – Blue Talon
AugustCloud and Java – jClarity
SeptemberCode analysis – Semmle
SeptemberCloud – Movere

In July of this year, Microsoft’s $1 billion investment in San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research firm OpenAI was praised by the market. OpenAI is an artificial intelligence non-profit organization jointly established by many Silicon Valley tycoons, including the manufacture of “universal” robots and chat robots using natural language.

It is understood that OpenAI will reach an exclusive agreement with Microsoft, will license some of its technology to Microsoft, and allow Microsoft to commercialize these technologies and sell them to existing partners, no doubt layout OpenAI, Microsoft Azure Cloud will develop a new new position in artificial intelligence technology.


Microsoft, who missed the entire mobile Internet era, obviously does not want to miss the next AI era.

By studying the strategy of Microsoft’s entire AI, in the only five years since Nadella took office, Microsoft has built a full-stack AI ecosystem including cloud, system platform, technology and application scenarios.

In this ecosystem, the Microsoft cloud is the soil, and the system platform is a tool for planting trees. Through the technology, letting the trees fall to the ground is like the application of AI in the industry, and the data formed by the growth of the big tree Edge computing is like photosynthesis in the entire system.

However, unlike Amazon and Apple’s AI strategy, which focuses on the C-side, Microsoft’s over 100,000 eco-partners have made its entire AI game with a strong ToB color.

Perhaps Microsoft’s intention is simple, that is, by empowering every developer and enterprise, and recreating an AI era of Windows, and this infrastructure and full-stack AI ecosystem is helping to complete it from the PC era. A great leap from the cloud to the AI era…

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