[Infograph] The Oddest Place You Will Find CRM’s Values

This Infographic was sent by my friend XiaoChen and was designed by a Chinese local CRM vendor.

Chen told me that there were many many SaaS CRM vendors in the China market, but due to the competitive pressure and difficulty in returning, many of them had stopped their business.

The Pic tried to show the values of CRM, which I will translate and share with you.

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CRM enables full ecological management from MKT/Sales to Customer Service,  greatly improves the efficiency and revenue of companies of any size.

As early as 2016, more than half of the companies have or are preparing to purchase CRM.
CRM has a high return on investment, and it costs $1 to get a return of $6.

CRM needs to help salespeople reduce their 24% daily working hours for integrating information.

CRM needs to help companies avoid 90% of lost sales opportunities.

CRM helps reduce overall costs by 12%, increases customer communication by 45%, and increases the activation rate by 72% for potential customers.

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