5 things more than you knew, the relationship between PLM, PDM, CRM, SCM and ERP

It can be seen that ERP, SCM, CRM enterprise management information systems can simplify and improve various business rules, but these systems do not have much impact on improving the core functions of the manufacturer’s product development process. Therefore, in the four systems of enterprise informationization, PLM is the basis of enterprise informationization. Enterprise application systems (such as CAx, ERP, SCM, CRM, etc.) rely on PLM and integrate information through PLM. All business data of the enterprise is integrated into the PLM according to the unified product definition information and process model; all relevant departments of the enterprise can obtain information services through PLM. Regarding the difference between PLM and ERP, PLM focuses on the management of product knowledge, and the management of ERP occurs in the actual production stage of enterprise products.

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