Why CRM can’t become a successful business or make some huge companies like SFDC in China?

CRM is not a successful business in China. In the on-premise age, there is no Chinese version of Siebel. In the SaaS era, there is no Chinese version of Salesforce. There are different opinions:

  1. Some people say that in China B2B sales or large-scale complex products B2C sales are relational sales. Business under the table, emmmm…
  2. Some people say that China’s CRM software vendors are not strong enough to make CRM products as powerful as SAP CRM and Oracle CRM.
  3. Some people say that marketing, sales, and service are the necessary business functions for every business. However, the marketing, sales, and service of each industry are different. Therefore, the markets are digested by software vendors from a different scope. A bunch of marginal poor industries or small and micro-level customers, no one is willing to embarrass, so left to CRM vendors, so CRM vendors are not growing.

Then I will give you a different angle of thinking today: that is, CRM is a basket, and everything dares to be loaded. Therefore, CRM conflicts with professional vendors in every segment in many ways. Finally, CRM can only be torn into pieces.

Since a large number of conflicts, why not integrate rather than reinvent the wheel.

Since integration, then we also correspond to the following list, to see what the Ali DingTalk and their ecology has done.

This article is also dedicated to B2B friends who are determined to make a better CRM in China. Follow the function module list step by step from the core module to the peripheral module.

This article is also dedicated to companies that are finding some CRM solutions. You should either find a large, shallow and thin CRM, or find a professional manufacturer to go online step by step.

Firstly, the user experience (conflict with digital marketing vendors)

  1. Display (conflict with website vendors): official website, electronic posters, micro business cards, PPT & PDF downloads, electronic forms & survey questionnaires
  2. Emerging display interactive technology (conflict with emerging technology vendors): VRAR experience, customer face visual recognition & voice interaction technology, sensor sensing technology
  3. user experience improvement (conflict with big data vendors): traffic statistics, user behaviour tracking, customer journey optimization

Secondly, marketing customers (conflict with digital marketing vendors)

  1. advertising (with a dedicated advertising agent): search engine related word advertising, content website (community) drilling advertising & information flow advertising
  2. database advertising push (there are special database marketing vendors, there are also special push channel manufacturers): SMS & automatic dial-up voice calls, EDM, mobile app push
  3. activities (there are special activity traffic vendors, there are also special activities to manage SaaS vendors): release, registration, sign-in, live broadcast, interactive, sweepstakes, questionnaires, promotional gifts
  4. fan community: graphic video article release & reading & forwarding & comments; Q & A community; user behaviour data precipitation, user behaviour route tracking

Thirdly, large-scale and durable B2C & bulk B2B e-commerce mall landing (and e-commerce software vendors & e-commerce small program software vendors & O2O retail software vendors conflict)

  1. yellow page display
  2. search, bidding ranking, association recommendation
  3. traffic statistics, user behaviour tracking
  4. inquiry, price comparison
  5. online order processing, online contract processing
  6. online payment, corporate transfer

4th, Non-e-commerce business industry landing

  • customer reception, agent phone call sales (and smart customer service & cloud communication vendors conflict): multi-channel online smart customer reception, cloud call centre, intelligent customer service

Fifth, the sales process processing (this is the CRM core module)

  1. Sales opportunity entry maintenance
  2. sales opportunities daily follow-up, sales funnel
  3. sales plan, sales quotation processing, sales discount processing
  4. trial experience management
  5. sales order processing
  6. deposit processing
  7. sales contract processing
  8. sales return processing, sales invoice processing

Sixth, sales management (this is the CRM core module)

  1. Sales target management
  2. clue pool management: entry, claim & distribution, recycling, dormancy & invalidation
  3. Sales cost control: (related or conflicting with business travel procurement, electronic invoice, budget control, workflow approval)
  4. The sales report, sales performance appraisal, commission calculation

7th, chain & distribution management

  1. chain site patrol shop management (and chain store management software vendors conflict)
  2. Promote micro-business management (conflict with Weishang software vendors)
  3. Distribution channel management (conflict with channel distribution management software vendors)

8th, sales daily office (and OA collaboration conflict)

  1. Customer communication: Internet audio and video calls & conference calls, cloud mail, IM
  2. sales information: cloud disk & photo album (product manual/customer case library/sales words can be placed here), search online preview, forwarding
  3. Department public number (company announcement, department announcement): publish, read & like & forward & comment, search
  4. sales training: video recording, live broadcast; registration, sign-in, exam
  5. attendance GPS positioning check-in
  6. schedule management & task management, daily newspaper weekly
  7. Meeting room reservation

9th, customer management (conflict with big data commerce)

  1. the main data management of enterprises, customers, contacts: de-weight, update, fill, abnormal cleaning correction
  2. label portrait, map relationship

10th, Member management

— conflict with big data vendors and digital marketing vendors and Mar-tech vendors

  1. Coupons
  2. Promotion management, promotional product management: (conflict with event management software vendors)

11th, data statistics

— conflict with big data vendors and BI vendors

  1. Comprehensive query, data export;
  2. The report, chart and analytical functions.

12th, PaaS platform

— May conflict with OA vendors and general development platform vendors

  1. Unified login portal: Open ID;
  2. The workflow engine;
  3. An open platform for external Open API;
  4. Cloud SaaS integration, ERP integration, Internet e-commerce API integration: above, you will find that in addition to the sales process processing, sales management two modules, and other conflicts with other vendors, so integration is very important, not do it yourself.
  5. Electronic form design, unified UI components.

13th, Basic Inventory Management, Simple Project Management

— May conflict with OA vendors, may also conflict with project management vendors, may also conflict with general development platform vendors;
— Teambition, Worktile, Trello…
— Ali Dingtalk, Wechat for work

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